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    Since 1956, Broersma provides expert recommendations on the characteristics and performance of construction structures. In the meantime, close to 19,000 projects have been realised. Historically, projects mostly focused on steel and concrete, but nowadays all possible structures are incorporated.

    At the office situated at the Groothertoginnelaan 33 in The Hague, we design construction drawings and we perform calculations on almost all current building and executing constructions. Our area of expertise ranges from domestic and utility projects to industrial and logistical complexes and even includes oil rigs.

    Bureau Broersma regularly provides internship opportunities. We enjoy being challenged by the creative insights and innovative solutions that students from technical educational backgrounds introduce. The transference of expertise is also a valuable experience for our specialists. An example of this is the thesis support and supervision of technical students, frequently provided by Bureau Broersma.

    Large & Small Projects

    logo-white-gold Our area of expertise can be subdivided into two parts: small projects and large projects. Both type of project call for the same capabilities from our specialists. The difference is contained within the necessary team size, as well as the specialisations within these teams and the amount of time allotted for the projects.

    In charge

    logo-white-gold ir-Andries-Broersma-ing

    Andries Broersma (1955)

    After secondary school, Andries Broersma chooses to study Civil Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. He graduates and fulfils his military conscription as a platoon commander in the military engineering department. A building crisis in the early eighties contracts the amount of job opportunities in the building sector, but luckily there is a spot available at Buro Broersma, the engineering firm of the father of Andries. From the moment he was employed, Andries has been the driving force behind the continuous modernisation of the firm. The drawing board disappears from the repertoire and nobody works with the with the slide rule anymore. Andries carefully keeps up to date with the newest developments within the sector and time and again points out the necessary innovations with regards to the methods, procedures and techniques employed.

    Only three employees have worked at Bureau Broersma for longer than Andries, even though he has become the eldest at the firm. He enjoys maintaining the many contacts with clients, architects, consultants and contractors that continuously provide refreshing insights in the expertise of the structural engineer. The membership of many associations, the guiding and supervision of graduating students and his position within the professional advisory committee at The Hague University still inspire him every day. Add that he is happy with his three children and that he has been together with Brigitte for 40 years and it will be clear that ir. Andries Broersma will remain to set the course for Bureau Broersma. Everyone may have his number (+31653160124). If he does not pick up, he is far away at sea and unfortunately out of reach.

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    ing. Pim Beekink

    By 1986, Pim Beekink has completed his technical education and is at the start of the mandatory job application period. He commences his search for offices and studios, introduces himself, explores what the sector has to offer and contemplates the possibilities. The frequent The Hague route brings him to the Groothertoginnelaan. There at number 33, is that not an engineering firm? Buro Broersma? Ringing the doorbell and asking questions is always allowed. He steps into the door that leads him to his future and enjoys the work he receives. He starts by designing construction drawings and later moves on to perform calculations. Nowadays, he is part of the management team and the organisation and management of the firm plays a prominent role in his work.

    His vast network enables him to introduce Bureau Broersma in all places. Maintaining contacts with clients are entrusted to him and he primarily occupies his time with Broersma Bouwadvies. That he is still able to make time to serve the football club as the chairman of the youth division only proves his talent for organisation further. With his experience in analysing, evaluating and problem-solving, planning one’s calendar efficiently is no problem at all. Useful for Bureau Broersma… and for the football club.

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    Internships & Theses


    If your internship determines your future, Bureau Broersma can bring you a step closer to it with an internship. Thinking, drafting, calculating and recommending not to do something. Because it is technically unsafe, honestly. Or, because that also happens, approving drawings that were sent in. Possibly with an alteration, an adjustment in the construction or the choice of materials. And always that signature of approval beneath the definitive drawings with which the contractor can go to work. Under your watchful eyes, of course, or at least that is what your internship would be like in the ideal vision of Bureau Broersma. Possibly serving as a foundation for a long-term cooperation with Broersma Ingenieurs? Or Broersma Bouwadvies? Both are possibilities.


    If you would like to graduate, you have to see specialists at work, solo or in teams, in order to write your thesis. On the procedures of thinking, drafting, calculation or on recommending not to do something. Because it is technically unsafe, truthfully. Or, because that also happens, on the approval of design drawings that were sent in. Can you argue in favour or against a certain alteration, an adjustment in the construction or the choice of materials? You are in the right place at Bureau Broersma. The supervision is well-intended and is conveyed in a fatherly tone. That supports your learning experience and helps you to achieve the final milestones in your study. And there is always that signature of approval beneath your thesis that enables you to graduate. Possibly serving as a foundation for a long-term cooperation with Broersma Ingenieurs? Or Broersma Bouwadvies? Both are possibilities.

    Build Your Future at Bureau Broersma

    Strictly professional, that is Bureau Broersma. The designs of the specialised departments Broersma Ingenieurs and Broersma Bouwadvies are evaluated and approved by third parties, never by partner or subsidiary companies. That is the cutting edge position and reputation of Bureau Broersma, an absolutely trustworthy engineering firm.

    We work with utmost precision and the most modern techniques in order to realise corporate and private projects. Bureau Broersma is the perfect learning environment for (re)starting structural engineers and architectural drafters. Step inside and join a dynamically collaborative team in a typically characteristic building of The Hague, where you will have your own comfortable workplace. Seize this opportunity, because we are now looking for:

    A structural engineer

    Just finished your studies and have all the ambition of an enthusiastic starter at the ready? At the minimum you have a bachelor in Civil Engineering. Also a great start: Structural Engineering at a Technical University. Preferably we would like to see a minor and a thesis in constructions, but you are also welcome for an informative chat should you have a slightly different educational background.

    A Revit architectural drafter

    You are more than welcome with your bachelor in Architecture and a minor in constructions. Also if you have followed a different form of education in architecture and infrastructure and you have followed a course in 3D drawing (Revit), we would be happy to meet you. Then we can immediately hear what experience you have already gained in our area of expertise.